Early Morning note 2

Open your eyes gently it might hurt your sight. But, not too slowly or you will miss the show. Amazed you will be to learn whatever happens to one surely happens for a good reason but more than that it happens in pairs. Start and end, yes and no, high and low, rich and poor, good and bad, strong and weak, win and lose, boy and girl, front and back, love and hate, white and black, hurt and forgiveness, life and death, day and night. You name one.
You may cry when you are hurt or love betrays you or lose the battle or sun dont shine. It simply tells you are a human and you feel pain. Don’t you lose yourself and brood over the past. For you are a human and you got the gift to heal yourself and grow strong every time you fail and love more genuinely. Hundred and one have gone through and learnt this. You and I go through the same and learn this too, just that at different occasions. It is an art, life has painted. To see them, to feel them, to learn them requires the pairs!!!


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