Early Morning note 3

Barren street, chilly breeze, subtle hum of prayer filing the silent morning, such a fine sight to behold a bliss befelt. Subsiding cyclones in your head alike ripples gently kissing the shore into thin bubbles, eventually opening midst air resounding everything lasts forever except the change.
Contemplate, ponder, dont live fast to end young nor live slow to die old. Live a moment to moment, a breathe to breathe, a thought to thought, a dream to dream, a love to love, a hope to hope, a friend to friend, a parent to parent, a song to song, a day to day, a life to life. We just live on, not this way though, but the other way. Differentiate not rich or poor, beautiful or ugly its just a mere reflection of oneself.

Life’s just beautiful. Good day folks!!!


Pic taken past Babesa zero with Welcome to Thimphu gate
and chorten as the back drop at 6am.


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