Early Morning Note 5

Morning-less days, weeks and months folks of today, aren’t we? Siblings of our parents-parents-parents and parents-parents rose with songs of nature and prayers in the air and welcomed the sun with saanng (traditional way of burning of natural scented leaves mounted on a mini-stupa alike). By the time sun glittered its first light of the day they would have chanted enough prayers and invoked compassion. Ready to forgive/seek forgiveness, to love and be loved, to respect and be respected, to accept and be accepted the way it is, and embrace the truth of the day be it cloudy, rainy or sunny. Motivated not to harm from simplest insect to intelligent animals like humans not even with thoughts or words let alone physical. They knew less, worried less so were they pressure less. Lived a life longer than rivers, heard the whole song of birds, animals, mountains and humans.
Today, siblings of our parents, on the race already form day one. Who is chasing whom for what only you and I will know. Learnt a hell lot, scared to death we might know more than we were forced to learn back in school or college. So busy that we find first 12 hours of the day insufficient and keep the whole night outing-night. By the time we open our eyes sun be inclined to west already. We hustle and bustle and spoil the day. Then cant sleep at night with work half undone, remorseful-heart pounds, clock steals our time and the sun sets just too fast.
In a way we dont at all have morning. No dawn. No sun rise. No cool spring breeze. No song of the bird. No echo of the mountain. No breath. No life. What a morning-less day!!!

Happy day folks!!!


Chorten near the Welcome to Thimhpu City gate. Taken at 6.30am


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