Early Morning Note 6


What a wonderful life. Breath in breath out, sigh!!
Early day on, you set your mind to be positive and hopeful all day long. Trying your best to keep yourself happy and warm with folks. Things aint easy as it seems, wont go the way you wished, no love as expected and down the line you are at the verge of breaking into pieces. You blame the sky, wind, rain, river, mountain, bump, love, family, friend and enemy. And I do that often, what a jack ass.

But, if one really want to grow, you will learn those are necessary so as to understand the weight of ones positivism, hopefulness and clarity of your dream. For growing also mean spreading ones root deep into the earth before you set sky-bound. Be ready to learn the lessons time will throw you at. Lessons are easy for the wise to understand, but you and I alike, unless  at the verge of breaking into pieces we will not learn.

In a way there is no wrong falling in or outa love, going on or off the track so long you and I are ready to learn the lesson, down the line.

Then its just a wonderful life!!!!

Pic taken at 12 noon enroute to
Botanical Garden, 
Babesa, Thimphu


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