Early Morning Note 8


One of the most beautiful gifts of life is to be in love and be loved. Form mother to child, husband to wife, boy to girl, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pet to master, student to teacher, boy to boy, girl to girl, lama to loma, should there be no love and they are a mere noun.

Its one thing that molds the steel heart, opens the rusted-selfish mind, frees the iron-gripped-miser hands, grants you wings to flutter like a butterfly and paint rainbows with your eyes wherever you sight rain. Such a magic, a trance, an unceasing vivacity, what a spell. You have heard this wind whispering to you many a time from dawn to dusk. Aroused enough temptations to go out and experience one.

You traverse miles, writes poetry in lengths, counts numbers by sun and moon waiting, looking for the one and only true love. You dont mind the lonely hours of the chilly-lone-moonless nights. Sun engulfing by the giant eclipse doesnt waver your dream to meet one and fights through the tempest to shore.

A big sigh, when he/she acknowledges your painstaking journey to love. Heart to heart. Head over heels, lips over hugs, hands over hand sealed with fingers, eyelids over eyes. You dont want to see any thing now. You are completely lost in the trance. Such a bliss that you dont want to end.

But, only nothing lasts forever, slightest mistake with or without purpose tears the world apart. Dreams broken alike sugar glass. The very rainbow you painted makes you dizzy, it makes you colour blind. You spit the wind.
Then you realize, how can you love some one so much without loving yourself a bit?

You console yourself: before you set out, learn to love yourself first then love your love 100%. You arent broken to pieces when your so called true love shrugs  off your love to the ground. And you would also never dare to hurt your love for you know it hurts yourself more to hurt others. Its not they who loses its you who loses yourself.

Life’s just beautiful……Keep loving!!!!

“If you have loved yourself truly, you would never hurt a soul.” ~~ Buddha

The above word means PEACE



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