Early Morning Note 9


You are so upset. Depressed. Brooding. You hate yourself. So worthless you find yourself. Gosh, you have failed this time too. You have promised your parents, love, friends and all the well wishers  that you will do your best and never going to let them down. What a huge promise. Such a pressure.

With a fresh heart beat, renewed perseverance and prayers on your lips, you tie up your laces tight and  begin your trade diligently and vigilantly. With all your heart  you strive. Day in day out. Rain or sun you never stop. Until your skin blisters, knees weakens, teeth clatters you put your best effort to keep your promise.. World sees how hard working you are and how far you push yourself to the limit. You hear them whisper, “You should work hard like him/her.” They have already started to compare. Only sky and earth knows what you really are going through.

Its the very brand new day. Sun has just claimed the cloudless sky and shone down hard. There is heat every where. Your heart paces 100 beats per minute. Its time to face the out put, your result day. To your greatest dis-amazement you are taken aback to see your name marked in red. You have not made it this time either. You parents, love, friends, and all the well wishers loses faith in you, You heard them say, “Such a loser, dont look up to him/her.”

Sigh!!!! The sun suddenly sets for you and its cold everywhere. The very face who have encouraged snarls at you with huge fangs signalling not to come near them. Even the road you have once trod with songs are bitten with cold. Such a loser you scream at yourself and then shouts to the sky. Walks to the edge, the height doesnt bother you anymore. Nothing comes on your mind other than loser. You are ready to throw yourself off the cliff.

What you and I alike dont realize is, one should never give up. Never stop dreaming. Never stop believing in oneself, through the ups and downs, springs and winters, praises and boos, winnings and losings. The darker the night is brighter the moon is, so are the stars. If we really open our eyes all these encouragements, praises, jeering, boos, back bites and jealousy they are nothing more than a mental projection. If we ourselves dont open up they aren’t going to work a heck on us.

There is no greatest failure than losing oneself. Win but lose yourself and at the end of the day as you walk into your room, the first thing you will be looking for is a huge window from where you can jump with your trophy. What purpose did it serve to have won?

Dont ever lose your hope. Not your dreams. So long you believe in yourself and walk a step at a time, one day or the other what you wished for or dreamt of its going to be yours. Even if it didn’t you will be at ease breathing in as usual for you know you did your best. Thats all it matters!!!

Life’s is just beautiful…… Keep believing in yourself and walk a step a time…

P.S I dedicate this to all those who have given up their lives or attempting one or even thinking of quitting for the sake of winning, please hold back a minute and ponder. You are not a loser, he/she who calls you a loser are the real losers. And I dedicate this to my younger brother too. My eyes were kind of wet as I wrote this. Love and Peace…

Pic taken at Basanagar Beach, South India at 5.30am



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