Early Morning Note 10


Stole a quick glance. Squinted your eyes. Swung your head to and fro. Tried scraping off the pin-dot dirt. Still not vivid. Gave a final rub, gradually the calendar hung right above your head granted you permission to recall its date. You cant believe your eyes, its already half day of half week of half month of half year of your life. You are late!!

Jumps out of the bed, put your dress on. Runs to the kitchen to heat your left over food and tea for you remember parents telling you never to leave home on an empty stomach. Faces yourself face to face in the bathroom mirror as you squeeze the last blob from your empty tooth paste tube. Eyes all red, got bags below them. You dont remember your last shot and who dropped you home.  Oh, gosh, curry cooker is already burning your broth.

“You are too late buddy.” You hear your conscience ringing loud and clear. “This alarm failed this time too!!!” You grumble. “Oh, no, you forgot to replace the exhausted battery!” It stares as you spoke to yourself. Alike hawk scooping its prey you pick up a cap-less pen, dumps into your pocket and runs out of your room. You have an interview.

Just to make you sure and to put your mind at ease, you walk to the door, sees a huge lock. Peep through the window, cupping your hands to get a clear vision inside. The sun out is so harsh, window reflects everything. The truth is hard to digest. Sees no peeps, they are long gone. Head hung low, hand in your pocket playing with your cap-less pen, “My time will come, I will just need to wait,” you console yourself. Calls your parents, love, friends and gives them a lame explanation. Then hits the local bar.

Quite interesting, sad yet true, when you and I dont try to look at the truth of “waiting and time will come.” We are suppose to take this as a tool to motivate ourselves, when we fail in spite of the hard work, effort, sacrifice, time and all we put in. Not the other way round. Most of us take this as an excuse not to improve, not to develop, not to hone ones skills and above all not to take any responsibilities. We carry on with our very own nonsense and blame the wind for tapping on our parents window to get up and keep an eye on us.

Not always the scolding of our parents, elders, love, friends and all well wishers are meant to break you down. Nor to drop you passion. Not to blur your goal, not even to rip your sail. They never and would never ever thought of  depriving you of your dreams, goals and ambitions. They simply wants to make sure if you are really serious about what you have dreamt of or wanted to become of as you grow up. And then teach you how to adjust your mast in accordance to the wind.

The least you can do before you hit the local bar and throw out pot-full curse to your parents, elders, love, friends and well wishers is to sit and talk with them. Talk of all the ups and downs, lights and dark, fears and frustrations, love and hate, good and bad. Just everything you want to talk about. There is nothing that cant be done without talking.

Because, by the time your wait is over and your time finally comes, it would be just you talking to your parents hung on the wall. Calling to user doesnt exist number of your love and seeing old comrades in grey hair with grand children, you once again hits the local bar and sinks yourself more into the past.

Life’s just beautiful…. Listen and talk with your parents, elders, love, friends and well wishers about anything and everything.

“For an industrious man everyday is a lucky day. ” ~~ Buddha
“Time and tide wait for no man.” ~~ Geoffrey Chaucer


Pic, my old watch reminding me how fast time speeds.
Taken at the same time and day as my watch reads, in Thimhpu.



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