I hate Mondays.
Yes, I swear, I hate Mondays.
Well, I usually hate Mondays.
I used to hate Mondays.
Yes, I used to hate Mondays.
Now, I like Mondays.
No, I love Mondays.
Be it Sunny or rainy, I look forward to Mondays.
Today is Monday.
Its already 25 minutes past 10 of Monday.
The sun is high, puff of clouds floating gently.
Wind singing in tune with Spring.
What you will decide today will,
Impact the whole week.
I love, Mondays.
For no reason, though.
May be, I just wanted to be positive,
And may be, I wanted to wish you all folks,
A Happy Monday!!!
Universe in my cup.
Pic taken in Thimphu on 23rd January 2015


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