Early Morning Note 14

On your side walks. Just a few months ago. You saw the world embroiled with cherry blossoms, easing the tight grip of winter alike painter brushing with green-light-pink over snow white blanket. Breathing life into trees, rocks, grass, plants, flowers and rivers. Soft zephyr sang acacia tune. Humming lovebirds rose with first ray of spring and sang the whole stroll in glee. It was a beautiful treat for the sulky heart and a comfort to a weary soul. Weights of diamonds can not afford this elegant art of mother nature. You were all rejuvenated, head and heart all calm set to live the year positively and move an inch closer to your goals.
Now its mid summer. Often you woke up to the sound of the pouring rain with naturally cooled wind fanning dry your sweat drenched skin. The other day you woke up to a gloomy day and the next to a bright sun. However, just by a glance at the green beautiful fruits, those were flowers once which decorated the entire valley grown into lovely emeralds, have motivated you to strive harder. The sun, rain, wind and clouds have simply nurtured them. And the flowers did not mind. You are glad you have made this far with your positive attitude towards life and halfway near to realizing your goal.
Soon it will be fall. The whole world around you will be painted in gold. Sun will start to rise late and set just too soon. Birds will sing less and the leaves will be everywhere dancing in the chilly wind.  Folks will gather their yield of the year and supper will be served early. It will be time for you to review yourself once more and see how you have fought the battle until now. The mountain will not mind if you have sometime, peed in its water after a heavy Friday night. But, what you sowed will what you reap.
When its is autumn winter is not too far. The snow will be on the ground. Trees all withered and rivers frozen. Play grounds covered with cold glass and icicles hanging low from the dripping line. Howling winds will bite your bones. It will be time to cut your sidewalks short, wrap a thick jacket around and grab a cup of hot water. Everything you aspired may not have come true or may not have worked out in your way. But, how you have lived the pre-seasons will prepare for your winter. You will not be afraid to embrace the winter even if your hair all turned white, even if your skins all wrinkled and backs all bent. You will not be afraid to say, “Yes I have lived my life.”
Winter doesnt not mean the end of life, it means spring is coming.
Life’s just beautiful ..Be positive and live every moment.
Pic with one of my fav quotation.
Taken in  my office at 9.30am on 14th July 2015


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