Early Morning Note 16 – Music and Tea

Lovely slow rock songs playing in a little chilly but calm early morning, melody wakes me so softly, like a mother waking up her little angel with a sweet melody whispering into her cute tiny ear cups, for her breakfast. 
The song comes floating on the wings of the chilly thin air cuddling my ears, as though mother pouring tea in an empty ceramic cup. So gently. So slowly. So cohesively without letting tea break into droplets, keeping the rhythm flowing and the echo as it drops onto the bottom of the neat cup resonating. The song introduces harmony of various melodies sung by different instruments. The aroma. The song. The melody. Oh, the ting of the cup. Perfecting of imperfections in collaboration!
There comes in thuds of the drums. She is walking softly thud by thud, with a cup of freshly brewed tea. Squealing of the guitar and the squeaking of the planks. Clashing of the cymbals and the clicking of the lid. Rising and the falling of the song with the gentle ripples of the tea inside. Again with a ting, she is placing my hot cup of tea on a small chopped out wooden coaster, by the pillow. Gentle tea ripple ebbs to the brim. The song pauses for a moment, making way for the heart wrenching guitar solo (melody). Thin transparent clouds of aroma dances into the air, off  the cup. 
Lyrics caressing my ears gently, seeks permission to dive into my heart. The sweet cup of tea in my hand awaits my sleepy lips to sip on it. A deep breathe in and the aroma, cannot hold any longer for the lyrics speaks directly to me. Sip by sip and word by word I let them in. Slowly but, steadily the tea settles so well inside and the lyric nibbles me bit by bit. They take me into a complete trance as though mother taking her little angel for a long and a lovely walk singing her favourite tune. Should I get a little carried away by emotions I hum the song away. Oh, how it quenches my thirsty heart and consoles my weary soul. What a feeling!
The more I sipped on that much lyric nibbled on me. The tea has become me as I half emptied the cup and the song has become my story, my voice and my thought of the day as I near the Fine. I roll out of the bed and get on my feet slowly. Twists my head and shakes my wrist gently making sure no words fall out of my heart and aroma breathe out. I walk slowly, singing the song in a subtle hum, places the cup in the kitchen and I breathe in aroma from my air bags inside. My mind is all quite and physical all at ease set to go forth and embrace the day. The tea has been long emptied and song long subsided but, the hum and aroma lingers as a totem of tranquility.
Life is just beautiful. Sip on your tea and listen to the song in the air. Time is all yours.


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