The Magic


Do you folks want to know what patience means and how it works magic?? Let me tell you a real time story, which I have learnt, felt and understood just yester-night. Let me tell you, how it worked magic to me.

For two weeks, every night I slept at 1am working on a project. No Saturdays, no Sundays and no breaks. My eyes went red, back stiff and face swollen due to in adequate sleep. On the very fateful submission date, the system crashed.

I had backup in my hard drive, some how I lost that too. Spent 24 hours trying to recover the data, but couldn’t despite my desperate trying. And guess what? The best solution in a situation like this is, not to start to get frustrated from the very first minute only, than to mess the whole thing up under the air of madness. Because, you know, you will have to do it all over again anyways, while getting pissed won’t fix it either.

Today is Thruebap, so it’s off for me and from the very next day I am going to begin again from zero. Just a deep breath and I am at ease.

If you wonder, how I patient I am, then I tell you, I am not. I am kinda hot headed guy. I have learnt this technique just recently from books, as in, how important it is to be aware of and remind oneself, every single day that some thing like this might happen at anytime. If it at all happen, then I will not lose my cool. I have been trying to follow this for a while now, and to my wow, it does work!

This little psychological preparedness has helped me a great deal to maintain my peace of mind and the zest to work again.

Just be positive folks and keep smiling, for everything really is in ones mind!!


Pic taken a day before my weeks hardwork crashed down into vain.
Another one bit the dust.




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