The Festival ends for now


Once it has started it will roll be it good, or somewhere between the good and the bad or the total bad, it is bound to end when the time is up. The mighty sun surrenders to the queen moon when his time is over. And just like that, the most famous Thimphu festival has gathered all her Guru’s eight and other wrathful masks, rich embroidered gowns and cloaks, religious artifacts and instruments for this year. They will be neatly stacked, folded and stored back in their rooms, only to be opened around this time of the next year. Folks will box their festive attires and jewellries will be put away until the next occasion comes.

For the past three days, it has brought smiles to thousands of folks, brought families together from distance and granted some freedom to youth who in turn went around in packs with comrades. A few of them did a little too much and got themselves into trouble that police had to intervene, other than that I would call the whole thing was a success. However, with due respect, I would like to lay down a few feedbacks, which I feel are worthy for future festivals to come, if the concerned authority and the fellow citizen would only take it positively and try to look into the matter.
 No. 1    A help centre stall with some volunteers  :  
It would be nice if there will be one from coming years, if at all the current stall tradition along the Norzin Lam is going to be practiced. Today, sometime in the mid day an old man fainted in the crowd, but could not do much then to help him rest near the main traffic, since there was none to report to.Towards the evening around 8 PM a baby girl was separated from her parents, the least I could do was to console her and wait for her parents to return. Lucky enough, her parents came by shortly. For such thing we dont really have to depend on the police.
No. 2     Local music : 
No one can tell anybody to listen/play this or that kinda song/music, it’s completely up to ones preferences. However, all I am saying is if we could make the best use of the festive mood infested crowd to promote our local music and art, then it’s the perfect time.  All it takes is a little bit of cooperation from one another.
No. 3     Volunteer Patrolling in the night : 
When young minds meet late at night in the full-on kinda festive mood, they tend to go a little off the track. It was sad to see parents in front of the detention centre in queue to meet their sons and daughters, rather than attending the last tshechu of the year. Some volunteer patrolling would belittle this.   
No. 4     Traffic flow :  Traffic could be improved to ease the unnecessary  congestion.
No. 5     Portable toilets :  Seriously these needs to be installed in the town around this time of the year.
These are just a few feed-backs I thought, if we try to implement would help folks a great deal.
 Until next year, this a good bye Thimphu Tshechu!!


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