But it Rained


The tshechu ended so gracefully yesterday, sending folks home happily with bountiful memories to be remembered long in future. Although, majority stayed back to do some last minute shopping, after Thromdey announced that the stalls will be allowed until 10 pm today.  The folks are still shopping while the keepers shouting at the top of their lungs, “70% off, sale, sale, last sale!” are so tempting. 

I did not buy anything other than trying out some ice creams and tea throughout festive-week. I couldn’t go out much either, since my two weeks work crashed and had to do it all over again, so most of the time I was home. Yet, even if it was for a short duration, I made sure I paid my visit to the times square of Bhutan once a day. It was nice to feel the festive vibes from souls. 
Friday was quite tiring working at home until lunch, and then helping my friend in his stall, then late in the night writing a blog. But, before I got into bed, I offered my bedtime prayers, “Thanks for the beautiful day. It was a little tiring one, still I had a lovely day. Let tomorrow be a beautiful day too!” Tugged my weary eye’s shutter close hoping for a picturesque morning, I called it a day.
Today in the morning, I opened my eyes gently as I flipped my window curtains slowly and it was gloomy. Fell back to my bed and unlocked my cell, logged into my facebook account and it showed 25 notifications of the night unchecked. But, what caught my eyes was a post called, “Hello, Druk Air,” by Miss Dolka Tenzin. I didn’t check a single notification rather, kept on reading her article. Sigh, the gloomy morning didn’t bother me as much as her article touched me. 
How? How? How? Inhumane. So pathetic. So rustic. So cruel.  So selfish. So unprofessional. So cheap. So dirty. So heart aching. So painful. So sinful. It tore my heart early in the morning. Since then for the whole day, it made my heart heavy and couldn’t help feeling her pain that I couldn’t help asking myself, “Doesn’t he have parents? Doesn’t he have love? Doesn’t he have any morality? Couldn’t he consult his superior before taking any foolish and very painful decision to throw him off?” I couldn’t not stop thinking of the pain the family might have gone through that I sent miss Dolka Tenzin a message of consolation and prayers to her, her father and her family. She thanked me, but I thanked her more for her bravery and showing the courage to bring this up front to the world. We shouldn’t let this thing go unheard. It could happen to anyone of us, who come from low family background, anytime. Thank you miss Dolka Tenzin.
This was unexpected and so it is unacceptable too. Druk Air, a giant and one of the most reputed companies in the country, how can she let something like this happen under her roof is very disheartening. Now, all I am saying is, respected worthy Druk Air, please let this be the first and last in the history of Druk Air. 
I prayed for a beautiful Saturday, but it RAINED!!


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