Mani Khorlo/Prayer Wheel & Lung-ta


Mani Khorlo / Prayer Wheel

The word Mani means “Jewel” and Khorlo means “Wheel” in Sanskrit.

In my simple understanding:

Mani Khorlo is a container filled with Jewels of prayers that differs in numbers put inside and also the size. Mounted on  a spindle to be turned in  clockwise. It will generate positive merit and purify bad karma. The benefit is at par the oral recitation of the same prayer.

In short:

The very simple act purifies ones bad karma, generates positive merit (Good Karma) and compassion.

Lung – ta

The word Lung means “Wind” and Ta means “Horse”

In my simple understanding:

Its normally pieces of colorful cloths with prayers printed on them and strung high on grounds. The higher they are strung, more they will flutter. More they flutter, prayers are blown far and wide by the wind blessing the world. Its then,  prayers riding the horse of the wind. On the course it uplifts your spirit and generates positive merits.

In short:

The simple act of raising or stringing them uplifts ones spirit. It will help one to embrace things more openly and positively.

P.S   Later when you go for hiking or for a walk just like that on higher grounds, please take some ready to hoist Lungtas, which you get ample in town and hoist them. You dont have to believe, it simply uplifts your spirit. Its all about the positive energy and quantum physics.  And, yes dont forget to turn some wheels too.

My Sun-ran Mini Mani Khorlo, taken in 2010.
It broke down and it is no more with me 🙁


I and my friend Rixin Jurmey, readying to take off after hoisting some Lung-tas,
en-route Jigmelangtsho, 4000 m, in early June 2012.




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