What is cheering?

It’s very natural not only with you, I, him or her but all folks, where your energy level is very high at the beginning boosted by the thrill of the show to begin. You give all your zest shouting at the top of your lungs, no sooner did the show begin. Quite interestingly, a few minutes later you don’t know how or why, but just like that, your thrill and energy drops to zero when the folks you expect to fight don’t do so well. You cannot boo, but brood, “Come on guys, you can do it!”
Yesterday, since 1 O’ clock folks were all pumped up with energy, faces glowing like the October sun as they walked down the temporarily blocked Chang Lam for motors. The national bi-colors worn on their faces and the gestures spelled the same message, “Yes, today we should cheer.” And so, our Dragon boys started to tango with the worthy Maldives at 6 PM BST.
Support was full on driven by the “support team Bhutan volunteers.” The whole crowd sang along cheering. Even the small kid sitting next to me was shouting at the piercing pitch, “Bhutan, Bhutan, Bhutan!” He knew only this much, but his cheer showed how much he loved football and what Team Bhutan meant.  Sadly, when Maldives scored first goal, second and the third, in the first half alone was suffice to quiet the whole crowd. “Awww, they have started to play selfish,” folks started to shout.
The penalty, no sooner did the second half begin, made a few to leave the stadium. Now situation like this is actually the time where circumstances really test our love for the game and support for Team Bhutan. Simply adorning bi colors on the cheek, singing some songs, clapping a few times at the beginning don’t really make one a real supporter or a cheer leader. This is the time when we should give our folks hope and courage to fight on.
If you wonder how cheering or singing songs actually helps one to fight and gives her/him the hope. Then let me tell you this, it is scientifically proven that when you cheer with positive attitude and hope, your heart generates positive energy/vibes and the very magnetic field of this positive energy generated by your heart can be felt and picked by another heart even from a few feet away. Now, just imagine when the whole crowd in the stadium cheer with positive attitude and love, the whole magnetic atmosphere of the stadium is filled with the positive energy. This doesn’t mean opponents will not pick those positive vibes, they surely will, but the impact will be felt more by those who are very much in need of. In this case, it is our boys fighting with the weight of the nation on their shoulder will pick the most.
Remember how they scored three consecutive goals in just 15 to 20 minutes? I know there were a lot happening behind the scene inside those stalls, but it’s the collective positive energy and vibes every individual have generated that actually boosted their will.  And who is to know, had there been another added 5 minutes our boys might have equalized also. Sadly, we ran out of time.
Not to be disheartened though, our dragon boys once again won our hearts and more importantly we learnt, the positive impact of cheering with positive attitude generates positive energy and that actually have impact on others.
Next time around, wherever you go be it football, basketball, archery, khuru, dancing, singing or even going for a walk, don’t ever forget to be positive and smile. It actually generates an energy that will impact your neighbor. Be negative and vice versa it is, you know how bad it can be.
That’s all cheering is about!



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