Sleeping pills – 1

Robert Frost once said, he got miles to go before he slept.
Well, I got miles to go too. But before I begin my race, I wana get a sound sleep under the starry night, calm my heart, ease my thoughts and surrender myself to slumber.
So, the very next day, I can walk every mile with a smile, make some new friends and share stories those are worth while all the mile.
If you are stuck with a hundred miles ahead and couldn’t take a single step further, then my dear, why push too hard?
My oh, my, life is not a destination, but a journey, why hustle? Hold awhile, see beautiful stars a plenty, playing hide and seek with you. Beautiful clouds soaking your fatigue, chilly wind caressing your dreamy eyes, your sweet home calling you to take some rest.
My oh, my; you, yes you did your best today, now slumber for tonight.

From me it’s a good night, my dear.


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