Sleeping Pills – 2

A sudden voice in your dream woke you up from your sleep and now you cannot fall back to sleep. You have your wrist watch by the pillow, but you reach out for the cell phone, puts the screen light on and it read 3 am.
“Oh, what was that sound?” You try to remember but cannot and your sleep won’t come around either. You try changing your position, roll here and there for some time and still you cannot sleep. Suddenly, your head starts to spin and the whole bedroom swirls. Now you are starting to get mad at yourself, “Wish I had sleeping pills and I will swallow 100s of them at a go, if it bring my sleep back again.” You grumble at yourself. You are wide awake now!
It is irritatingly-funnily- interesting to observe, how you and I alike relate sleep and dreams sometimes. Waking up by a nightmare sometimes keeps us awake almost throughout the night, until we finally come into terms with ourselves as in, “It’s just a dream come on, take it easy and get back to sleep now.” Until then we are afraid to wink our eyes even for a second, at times. But, on the contrary if we are dreaming of a beautiful dream and suddenly run out of sleeping hours. Or if somebody jerks us awake in the middle of a sweet dream, then how desperately we wish if the alarm was never set in the first place, or if we were never disturbed, so we can sleep forever just to keep the beautiful dream dreaming forever in our dream.
More irritatingly-funnily- interesting is, be it a good or a bad dream, so long it keeps our brain working sub-consciously or not so sub-consciously it is actually robbing our sleep, and it is a clear sign that we are not having a sound sleep. If we really want to make our real dream come true, then we should wake up and work hard. And for that we need to sleep early to get up early even if our dream in the sleep or dream in life is sweet or sour.
You don’t have to try remembering the sound in your sleep it’s a waste of time. Rather try getting some sleep ….


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