Scribble on the golden petals

Can you believe this???? Nu. 400 plus core and almost a decade plus project the Buddha Dordenma or as you and I call it, “Buddha Point” has already got scribbles on its golden petals… Can you believe this?? When will we learn to be responsible? When will we learn to appreciate the beauty? When will we learn to say, “Yes, we should take care of it, its ours.”
Such a time has come now, where people have started to take their dirty bathroom scribbling practice to the golden petals.
And for the record, we can never in our wildest dream also construct alike this of our own. Its been funded by generous donors and for god sake, its even not completed. Just imagine, what it might become of by the time its complete. Its very very disheartening. frown emoticon frown emoticon
Folks, lets not shame ourselves and lets put some sense of responsibility in our head. We ourselves should be the social worker at the same time we ourselves also should be the social police, for none of us like to be told to do or not to do this or that.
I am proposing, from next time when we go to Buddha Point and climb up, lets not touch them. I mean it, lets not touch even those beautiful animals for the sake of taking pictures, we are actually scrapping off its paint and might break them also. Folks from other Dzongkhags long to come and visit this beautiful place. Lets save it for them and for folks from around the world too.
This much you and I can do it.
Some thug scribbled his name on the golden petal. Such a cheap act.
Pic courtesy: Breaking News of Bhutan on Social Media


  1. Sir, this is Bhutan and still the people are in old century. The concept of civic sense is still not into their account, not yet born. When shall we develop if our people continue to behave the ways it was shown there in your image. Nice

  2. It is only an act of a a few seconds to fell a tree while it takes years & decades to come to the desirable shape & girth. Similarly, such irresponsible, inhuman act of a click of a second is enough to spoil everything. It should be regarded as an object to be venerated and appreciated, not to be scribbled upon. I appreciate Che Dorji & hope everyone will encrypt the words reflected in Che's blog down their memory lane and act accordingly when they pay a visit to this holy site next time.


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