Public Toilet Cleaning campaign


I am going to ask you an honest question, you answer me honestly too. How many of you have used Public Toilets? How many of you have used it with a smile? How many of you have actually gone agrrrrr?

Well, if you were not happy while using Public Toilets or if you have gone agrrr, then I would say, save it for the Public Toilets cleaning program thorough out 20 dzongkhags. Its time to silence yourself up and come forward to clean them in every small possible way you can.

And yes, for folks in Thimphu, we are doing it on Saturday and Sunday (14th Nov and 15th Nov). We have selected 7 public toilets, and then allocated 3 for Saturday and 4 for Sunday. For Saturday’s cleaning program, we are gathering at Thimphu memorial Chorten at 9.30am sharp with buckets and hard brooms. We will brief you all there as to how to go about cleaning and all. We will be cleaning from 10am till 1pm….

For Sunday’s cleaning program we will inform you all after the Saturday’s program as to where and when to gather.

I request every folks to come forward and help Bhutan Toilet Org​ make public toilets clean for ourselves. For folks in Thimphu wishing to come forward kindly contact me or  Nawang P Phuntsho​ asap.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Thanking you la.


  1. I just read another Bhutanese blogger's blog post showing the photos of the public toilet. I thought it only happens in China where they have very bad and unhygienic toilets in many places. The public in China needs some education on this matter. I hope all have been cleaned up smelling nice at your area.

    Greetings from Malaysia.

  2. Hi there, so sorry for the delay. Yes, we did our best and as of now we have cleaned 30 public toilets across the country.. They are good as of now, more than that we are happy we woke up the concerned authorities. 🙂 🙂

    Have a nice day


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