For you and they

    I know it might have upset and haunted you like a ghost from a horror movie. Tried to drag you to the point where you were about to surrender to your violent voice inside and make the whole thing a mess. That also, only if you could get up and face it like a woman/man with the situation. And you find it cool, because you have heard people say, “If they slap you, you should punch them hard. Or if you just let them go, it will make you sound like a coward.”
    But, here is the irony, when you reciprocate to it under the influence of sadness or anger you become no better than a lowly drunken fellow. Who believes in low drunken fellow? Who respects her/him? Who appreciates her/his personality? Yes, she/he might try to follow you, but only to become like you, a disaster.
    Did not you see, how fast the season changes its color? How fast people around you change? Even the very memory you treasure leaves you, did not you see?
    Since the time sun is up, you blame one another and clock ticks away every second of your time. By the time you realize, you have not said anything good about her/him, the sun sets.
    Remember, there are a hundred and one looking up to you to get inspired, to learn and to act like one. They might not tell you, but they are observing you. For their sake and your own, be positive and be happy folks.
    Life is everything and anything, but in your hand, I feel.
    A clear blue sky opening over Thimphu in the morning.
    Taken at 8.30am on 23rd November with Thadra Goenpa as the back drop.



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