84,000 methods of Buddha to attain peace

Did you know that the Buddha taught more than 84,000 methods to attain true peace and freedom from suffering?
All these years, I have regarded or at least thought of myself as a Buddhist, but to my gigantic surprise, I never knew about it or better put I never cared about or explored about it. No wonder, my mind and thoughts changes like the wind. Happy for a moment, then gloomy my head is, some times too glad and again in moment down with a heavy grief. If not others I end up hurting myself. Always conflicting thoughts and never a clean clam thinking.
I want to try reading these, although its many years project, a few are already available. If you are not aware of it or just want to have a glance and try out some of this great man’s words, then you may check the following link.
It might help you make some peace with yourself and help others make peace with themselves too 🙂 🙂


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