Do you like to play football or basketball? To watch movies or to sit in the corner of your room and write something? You like to sing a song or play an instrument? You like tea over coffee or ema-datshi from shamu-datshi? Do you like her or does she look like her father?

This was how I used understand the word, “LIKE” until the floating of social media, and the Facebook has revolutionized its meaning. Not completely, but almost. That does not mean folks are not using the word, “Like” while speaking/writing or distorting the meaning in the process. But, when it comes to Facebook it has got a very different meaning and used almost differently. You dont even have to type, “Like” to say you like this or that, Facebook has adapted a cute “Thumb Up” icon as a symbol for, “Like.” Just a click and that’s it.

Clicking on it just takes half a second of ones time, but the impact it has is beyond ones imagination. It could mean so many things, although it looks just like an ordinary like.  Ah, yes! folks are so generous at giving “Likes” to just anything and everything, be it a picture, a post, a song or a video etc, you simply click “Like”. Sometimes out of wanting them to like yours in return, at times to make your presence on Facebook and most of the time just for the sake of hitting the “Like” button out of boredom to hear the popping sound, “Plop!!!”

However, your liking a “Like” would mean you are supporting that picture, post, song or video etc. It would also mean you are encouraging them or motivating them or wanting them never to stop. It would also mean don’t give a “heck” as to whatever the world say to you. I feel, there is no wrong or better put, there wont be any negative impact of your hitting the “Like” button, so long it leads to the benefit of herself/himself or to the community and to the world as a whole, then it is completely fine. But, what you don’t realize is, there is a danger in liking them just like that without actually comprehending the message they carry. Often, they carry two messages, the good and the bad or let me say, “message understood correctly or message understood wrongly,” of the very same content or the picture, post, song, video or etc. And that makes the whole thing more dangerous.

Simple example, you put up a picture with a smiling face, it  might bag hundreds of likes, and at the first glance you might think, “Oh, the world likes my smiling picture!” Then you will put up another smiling picture, this time it might cross thousands of likes. That encourages you to put another, so on and so forth.  But, in reality who is to know they might be liking your bare skin rather than the smiling face. They might be liking your video not because you sang well, but because your camera focus was accidentally more on the part of your body, where they weren’t meant to show. And since your attention was more on getting more “Likes,” you post numerous pictures, songs or videos etc. You actually flood the feeds.

Now, this fears me the most, for I feel it might lead to another thing and might get completely out of ones hand. If not for a nudity or child pornography, it might end up encouraging other young and innocent minds to follow like you. They might go on writing what not things or baring all their skins, so long they get thousands of “Likes”. These days its become a trend where more “Likes” is more important than the actual content. You wont realize the negative  impact  until you are gone viral and until your are being victimized with un-holistic remarks and comments or calling you with names when folks see you in the street, or they keep pressuring you to give your contact address or contact number. There are hundred and one  evil mind amongst hundred good folks. They might even kidnap you. This is what I would call, “day light rape of innocence for being ignorant!”

Next time before hitting that cute little thumb up “Like” button hold awhile, read the content  thoroughly, observe the picture properly, watch the video thoroughly, then you decide. Because, there are also hundred and one innocent eyes looking up to you  and copying your every single move.

You dont have to be generous with the, “Like” button its FREE!!



By no means, I am trying to say the “Like” button Facebook has created is bad or wrong, its beautiful and very holistic too, for a genuine “Like” really uplifts the emotion and also signifies they are there for them. What I am saying is, “Just to be aware of hitting the Like.”

For your information:

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks Facebook record becoming most liked person in the world. The Portuguese might be struggling on the pitch but is taking social media by storm as he overtakes singer Shakira with 107 million likes. 



Picture: A quick design Facebook likes button with bogus numbers of likes.


  1. Woah! that was really an eye opening information for every one.
    Keep writing more of this kind (Y).
    Infact, I was lately thinking on the same agenda but couldn't come up with one but good thing you wrote already 🙂


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