Dont You Ever

No matter what you have wished for or longed for or dreamed of; at the beginning you think,”If I get/achieve/become this or that, then I will be the happiest person in the entire world.” You work day and night. And when you actually fulfill or get that priced wish you have wished for, you cry some tears of joy and that’s it. It over just like that. Some may write stories about you, some may talk about you or record your name in the history book. Thats okay and good.
But, all your hard works, sacrifices, emotional break downs, tears, heart breaks and all the sufferings and pains you have gone through, will either matter so less or hardly matter anything to you, thereafter. They will be just another bygone times and already a part of the history. Of course success, name and fame, and a fat bank account might bring you some smile, but for a short time only. If you are weak/sick no sooner did you make you account fat or bought the most expensive car. What purpose will it serve? Just as Steve Jobs said, “You can employ someone to drive the car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone to bear the sickness for you.” So you cannot make others cry for you or feel pity for you too.
Why be so hard on yourself? Why hate her/him in the name of competition? Worst of all why hate yourself? Pursue your dreams. Work hard. Sacrifice some free times. Keep awake some times and work late. Thats completely fine, I know at the end of the day one should face the harsh reality of life and that is to work.
But, dont forget to love yourself. Dont you forget to make some time out to have fun. Dont even forget make some time to say,” Hi,” to folks and go around. And most importantly, dont you ever forget to make time and say, “I Love you,” genuinely to your love and parents. For you dont know, when it comes to going who will go first.
Just keep smiling and be happy always.
Taken at 4.50pm on 10th November 2015.
At Joomja on the way to Phuntsholing



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