Sleeping pills – 5

A deep breath and you are wide awake,
The warmth of your bed is as cold as ice,
Trying hard to clamp eyes together,
Reaps dew in your tiny eye cups.

Your heart pounds like a heavy mortar,
Blood shoots like a jet in your veins,
You could hear your teeth clattering,
And violent waves crashing in your head.

The hard day had you completely,
Both inside out bitten like a rabid tooth,
“Although I did my best I have lost,”
You wonder what went wrong?

Take another deep breath,
Let air feel you not just fill,
Let your eye lids kiss slowly,
Let the tempest inside recede.

Sleep the kindest nurse,
Will nurse you to sweet slumber,
Dont fail to believe in yourself,
A new day of “Hope,” awaits you!!
Good Night world!!!
Borne fire with Changangkha Lhakhang
in the background.
Taken at 11pm on 1st December 2015



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