The Book

Just six and a half hours to complete the book, I have started on the same time; that would be after six and a half hours from now and I am already excited to learn that I am actually competing the book quite handsomely. Never thought I would be able to read it all through, however I knew, once I have started it must end and it should end whether I like it or not. Otherwise how am I supposed to start another book?
It was quite a journey; sometime I would have a real tough time progressing onto a new page that I sank into remorse of earlier paragraphs for hours and hours. My head would start to buzz like a swarm of bees into my ears and my heart would start to race like a bullet train, as though it needs to cover thousands of miles in an hour. I would really have a hard time to actually comprehend the page, however; I would break the paragraph into sentences, sentences in words, words into letters and then try to contemplate; did I miss spell the word? Did I put the words into a wrong sentence? Did I understand the whole paragraph wrong? Did I really miss understand the page?….Well,  until I got a clear, logical, understandable and feel-able answer, I would turn the page very carefully.
As I went on reading, some pages introduced me to dark chapters, some to mysterious turns and some they took me into chapters those were filled with happiness, surrounded by beautiful people and animals that I wished the whole chapter never to end or at least have extended pages. But, that was just a wish and that’s the way it is. Read and live every page as it unfolds, and rejoice every page; for time doesn’t permit any soul to be at the same page beyond the allotted period and one should turn onto a new page, whether one wish for or not.
 And sometime it was complementary to my surprise, as I went through the book page by page, that a simple meaning or a simple message that a page carried, would mean so much than the entire chapter. It is at times those little things, we find/see/learn/understand/have or give, matters the most and it will have a huge impact in our/their lives. In a way the simple message of a simple line would go beyond my understanding that I leave for time to tell me on the right time. Till then, I never judged the book by its cover nor by the number of its pages, I just kept reading a page at a time whole heartedly, begin positive and hopeful, be it good or bad,  because I know  everything must end when its time.
Sadly, it is coming to an end, I never thought it would be ending just too soon. When I look back now, everything appears to be nothing more than a dream. Once a fresh and now just an old page, some torn and some patched. Some folded and some memorized, just to save as a memory, both good and the bad.  After all that’s how books are made of and so is our time on this planet.
My book 2015 ends in six and a half hours, but before it runs out and before I embrace my new book 2016, I want to wish every soul on the planet a very, “Happy New Year, may it bring in loads of happiness, values and peace to you and to the planet Earth. “
Happy reading the brand new Book 2016 to all of you!!
Picture : A quick New Year card design for you all.



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