A wonderful day doesn’t guarantee a wonderful night,
Nor a wonderful night can guarantee a wonderful day,
Never did I feel in my heart although my head knew,
That a split second is a complete new page.
It’s just a flitting moment you and I have,
And that lil moment can make a difference of life and death,
Every soul knows this,
Yet every soul also over look this.
Deeply sadden I am tonight,
Despite a beautiful day,
Lying beside my recovering apa,
I get a news, “Your childhood friend has passed away!”
Thousands of questions flood my head,
Thousands of memories flood my mind,
Thousands of our loud – laughs stab my heart,
Thousands moments of togetherness thunder my heartbeat.
Aie, my dear friend Kado,
Its been a while isn’t it?
Just like any other fools, we were caught up in humdrums isn’t it?
The course of life isn’t it?
I have always thought you were happy,
I have always been positive about you,
I have always narrated your stories to motivate others,
I….. I just can’t believe this!!
Sigh, I hope you won’t forget me,
It’s impossible to forget you,
Aie, my friend Kado; your time has come just too soon,
The harsh reality isn’t it?
My dear friend, I promise to keep our memories alive for eternity,
Please find a safe way and travel safe,
Dont try holding back,
With prayers and love, I let you go!
My prayers for your soul to rest in peace
but, I just want to tell you, “You are taking away my childhood memories!!!”
Pic: Recent pics of my recent turned late, my friend, my brother Kado. Taken in Samdrupjongkhar, South Eastern Bhutan.



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