Without a mask

What happened, you are no fun lately?
Why are you wearing a mask on your face?
Is something bothering you?
Is mask not heavier than whatever actually is eating you?
Have you decided not to lighten?
Why is it wearing a mask is easy, you feel?
Have you made up your mind not to walk?
Is your voice drowned by noise?
Ever tired climbing the mountain of your heart?
Did you try spreading your wings?
Ever looked back, how far you have come?
Did not it surprise, you actually can fly?
Glow it, yes, lighten up,
Loosen it, oh, yes, you are doing good,
Listen its your instinct singing you a song,
I can see it, now you are smiling!!!

Thats a lot better, without a mask!!!

Doing a little modeling for my post 😀




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