Tribute to all women in the world

I really don’t know, and it eats away my brain when I try to think who came first: man or woman? Whoever came first, both are just beautiful. You may not say it or try refraining yourself, but the fact remains the same: woman and man, boys and girls, nieces and nephews, daughters and sons, friends and families, make a better world together;  when one starts to love or care or respect or protect the other. History has proved it and history has evidences. However, down the line things went astray and everything fell into a dark pit. History has scars of those too, to remind us, to tell us that we seriously need to change it.
Take a little time out with your niece or daughter or sister or mother or love, and ask them, “How was your day?” Then she might have a lot to say beyond, “It was fine.” She might tell you, how deeply she is in love, but her boyfriend mistreats her.  She might tell, at some point how her boss/interviewer has asked her out. She might tell how your father mistreats your mother when you are gone. She might even tell you, she is very bad at cooking but excels in karate. She might tell, there was not a single time without being eve teased on her way home. She might also tell you, how much she long for a time where she can walk freely in the street without the fear of ghosts and be whatever or whoever she aspires to be.
You can try asking yourself this question; what would/do you do when you see a beautiful flower on your way? Go wow for awhile, then pluck it and take home, or take a picture of it and post it on the social media? Or tease your fingers around the petals and beat it to the ground with a stick if it resists, and then walk away as if nothing has happened? Or simply turn a blind eye and trample over?
Sad, but true, this is what we the social animals normally do, without even giving a second thought, that it is more than just a flower. It represents strength to fight on in the face of harsh reality. It represents the tenderness of life that nothing to be taken for granted. It’s a symbol of love. It’s a signature of life itself. No wonder, not even once in our wildest thoughts, does it occur; to put a fence around the flower and safeguard it, so it can grow into a beautiful blossom and fill the entire society with her sweet fragrance.
From the moment you walk out of your place be it a workstation, home, a movie hall or a classroom, how often do you keep your eyes to yourself? How long do you hold your mouth before uttering a filthy line? How many times do you actually respect the fact, they are someone else’s niece or daughter or sister or mother or love? Every soul knows this, yet over whelmed by lust and greed; we hardly push ourselves to shun.
This will never go away until you stop treating women like a one night stand commodity, or if you don’t allow your thoughts to evolve beyond that point, then it’s going to take ages.  And it is most likely you are going to hear your daughter or sister or niece or love or wife saying, that they were harassed or abused on their way home, when you sit for meals.
The good news is, it is changing and we are learning to value women and respect them. We are again beginning to learn, they have given birth to some of the greatest leaders/personalities in the world. They gave birth to talents like music and poetry to which you confide your secrets and pains. We are learning they gave us lovely families and friends. We should also know they  have given birth to your father and it becomes his responsibility too; to teach you to respect women or girls or daughters or sisters or nieces or friends, because your mother gave you a life not only to fulfill your dreams; but also to be a respectable nephew or cousin or uncle or grandson or son or brother or father and above to be a good human being.

To all the women in the world, here is a quick shout out from myside, “You all are just wonderful and Happy women’s day!”

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