What is religion?


My eldest brother, my ata, he has been a buddhist monk for his entire life and one fine day I asked him, “What is religion?” He answered, “To look after your parents!” As simple as that ..  

 That was some 8 years ago. But I didn’t realise until recently seeing my apa going through all the operation, medicines and still he is yet to under go some complicated medications. Suddenly he has grown too old, grown too weak and he has become like a baby who would cry upon hearing a familiar voice from a distance when left alone. 

 Sigh, you dont realise the passage of time and often forget to hold the hands the person who means a lot to one and say, “I am here for you.” Right in front of my eyes his smiles are all covered in wrinkles. 

 Aie, all I can do for now is pray for his earliest recovery and grow back to healthy and happy apa, as smiling as ever!!

My eldest brother, my ata



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