Ocean won’t be an ocean, with one less drop

Shataksha Primary School is a very beautiful school with a boarding facility, located in one of the most remote gewogs in the country. Connected to Taksha-chhu by a 20 kilometers highly-season-dependent-snaking-farm-road, which is again some 50 kilometers away from Wangdue enroute Tsirang, is under Daga gewog in Wangdue dzongkhag. It is a house of wisdom for 128 students, who come from far flung crannies and nooks of the gewog to learn, of which 76 are boarders.
This house of wisdom has four cute little toilets for 128 students, 2 each for boys and girls. Another unit of toilet attached for girls staying in the hostel, and there is no toilet in the boys hostel for boy, they use the same school toilets. The toilets are all serving their purpose, with constant maintenance carried out by the teachers and the students there.
However, these toilets lack some basic amenities like water, buckets, jugs, scrubs and light for those living in the hostel; since they use the same toilets as day scholars. It is then a teacher there, after consulting with superiors and colleagues in the school came up with a super idea to give toilets a face lift and make them so welcoming. At the same time spreading the message of how important it is to maintain a clean toilet, throughout the gewog practically.
Later, the teacher shared this super idea with me. It is then we started planning entirely on volunteer basis, as to how to go about and started making a list of all the necessary things needed to make the toilets not only welcoming and usable during the day, but also usable at night. Most importantly setting an example of how school toilets should be.
Here is our work plan:
Connect the toilets with water pipeline from the source, which is some 100 meters away. Connect with lights. Paint all the toilets with distemper both inside out, and from inside about a foot from the floor of the toilet paint with waterproof paint, so it will stand against water for months. Scrub the floors to shine. Finally place a bucket, a jug and a scrub each in four toilets. We have made a list with 7 items and a delivery which is tentative as of now, yet to be on the safe side I have added.
1. Bulb holder Nu. 20 per piece (20 * 10 holders) = Nu. 200
2. Florescent bulb Nu. 160 per piece (160*4) = Nu. 640
3. Cable Nu.20 per meter (20*100 meters) = Nu. 2000
4. Distemper 5 liters = Nu. 450
5. Enamal paint 3 liters = Nu. 504
6. Pipe 100 meters (25mm) = Nu. 2750
7. Brush Nu. 65 per piece (65*10) = Nu. 650
8. Delivery to Shataksha Pry School = Nu. 2000
Total = Nu. 9194
• Buckets, jugs and scrubs I have already.
To collect all the stuffs by last week of March. To complete the maintenance of toilets by first week of April 2016.
But, the main hurdle: No budget.
Therefore, I look up to all the generous donors out there la. You may buy one of the following items (if you wish to buy more than one items, that’s super welcome) and hand over to me in Thimphu or paying in cash is fine too la.
Looking forward to generous donors.
Photos: Toilets of Shataksha Pry School, students use those drums to collect water for toilet which is not at all safe.
Courtesy: Kinley W.D a teacher of SPS.
With due respect to Bhutan Toilet Org







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