Not a Penny more


Lies can take you really far and wide in life, so fast at the lightning speed. 
Truth can take you there too, but slowly, one step at a time.

The only pain in the neck is: for being truthful you don’t have to tell or do anything, just “Original you” is suffice; on the other hand you end your entire life looking for means to cook lies or trying to be someone “You are not.” On the final day you learn it was all unworthy and it doesn’t go that way any farther. Then you will have to come back, oh, coming back would a complimentary if you only dont fall hard on the rock face down and start all over again from zero.

Then what point does it serve to have gone so far or accomplished or garner or won so much in life within a short span of time, if you are only to fall back and start all over again???? I know you will say,”Start again, never give up.” But, none owns the Time. Whether you give up or not give up, it’s just one shot you get and how you will unleash, can define who you really are.

Just an act in a moment with a positive conscience is enough to win or earn what you aspire for in the world.

Not a penny more!!

My book mark and the book, taken at 12.12am
 in my bunker, April 26, 2016



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