Dear lovely girls and ladies

No guys other than, “Snoop Dog” would call themselves a, “Dog.” So my dear lovely girl friends and ladies will you plz not call yourselves a, “Bitch?”
There are 101 nouns in the English dictionary to choose from, if; for the sake of showing your attitude, you have used.
Boys, guys and men loves you and respects you. Don’t drag yourself down to that point of calling yourself by this filthy name. You are far better than this. You might be completely okay, but my only fear is; those young girls admires you and following your every step, they might fall victim.
I feel, calling yourself by that noun simply elucidates lack of self respect and self esteem, which is the first and a crucial step towards stopping abuse and violence against women. Better put: against you!!
Love or respect yourself first, before going out seeking others love or respect.
Keep smiling, life’s just beautiful..



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