RACHU: Ada rachu only or Other rachus or Both?

Just my opinion
Bhutanese women have the right to adorn any kind of Rachus they opt or wish for. It’s a basic human right. We can preserve our culture and tradition by thinking a little out of the box too. A few beautiful and elegant designs or patterns on Rachus makes them not only beautiful, but speaks a lot about our Bhutanese weavers creativity. Wearing those, in any case, doesnt portray Bhutanese women are not upholding or less-upholding our culture and tradition.
From the way I see it, the whole fuss is about Patterns. Patterns are lovely. They are a symbol of our creativity, they are representation of hard work our fore-parents have invested and each line proves their dedication and sacrifice in learning and perfecting the art of Patterns. They are the soul of our textile.
Can we show a little respect? Can we not learn to appreciate? We don’t have to put up a show or write poems praising, but simple, yet profound way would be to let our Bhutanese women wear their Rachus! Our women, designers or weavers are not that out of mind to design patterns those are obscene or art that goes against our culture and tradition, they will never. Can’t we let them wear their Rachus?
If you really want to promote culture and tradition, then provide some free classes on waving Rachus (and Kanbeys too) incorporating old and new motifs, to all our Bhutanese folks. That also make it open for all the interested folks to attend, dont force any soul or make not just to women or men. Make it open even to young boys and girls who are interested. Later it might come as a huge surprise to you when your daughter or son in just primary school or so, home-weave you some Rachus or Kanbeys or Jolas and gift you on your birthday. That time don’t tell me it will not bring a huge smile on your face. Then you might suddenly realise: we have not only fostered our culture and tradition of wearing rachus or Kanbeys, but we have also sown the seed of weaving, ensuring continuity into times to come, just like that.
In a nutshell: culture and tradition brings us together, creativity takes us far in time together.
Ada Rachus    Photo: Kunsel


  1. If this is the only viable step in promoting culture through a uniformity of wearing a rachu….. Men now will have to wear only woven ghos irrespective of the weather and pangtsi half pants are mandatory and what you wear beneath is optional. Such absurd and blunt is our Cultural bureaucracy… May God bless us. Next stop, let there be paths for women. AMEN


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