Good Morning Notes – 18


Walked miles through the dust,
Sun beating hard on your face,
It was no warm like August,
Walked steps a time you did race.

Woods bowed to the churns of wind,
Clouds wandered past hills,
Birds didn’t sing as though sinned,
Flowers shivered beneath heels.

Walked miles yet again,
But, the dust has started to settle,
Sun beating down yet again,
But, to guide you through the battle.

Woods danced to the songs of the wind,
Clouds puffed the blue sky in glee,
Birds whistled the tune of wind,
Flowers smiled innocently in the brie.

You will have to walk over again,
Through the soil, fire, water and air,
Walk all over again it’s inevitable,
But, living every step of the walk is worth reaching un-live-able.

Keep smiling. . Life’s just beautiful. .

Photo: The Sun rise. Taken at 6am, April 14, 2016


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