Everyone is beautiful and so is the world you are in. That is how it should be at least.

If the world is not as beautiful as you are or you think you are, then it is either you think you are too beautiful and busy pulling others down or you think you are not beautiful and then busy breaking mirrors or whatever it reflects, “the you.”

But, by pulling others down be it physically or emotionally it might take you up or make your day for just one, but the very next and the following days it is cent percent sure you are going down. And on the other hand by breaking the mirrors you are not going to not see your reflections when the whole wide world is a big, “mirror” of you!

All these beautiful, pretty, ugly or whatever you desire to name, they are all abstract, conceptual and perceptual. Until you change the very understanding of beautiful, pretty or ugly and uproot it from your head, it is for sure you are going to miss the most prettiest creation of the nature: you.



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