What you wish to see


If you wish for the sun you will see the sun, if you wish for the moon you will see the moon, if you wish for the star you will see the star at all times. Guns may not fire flowers and words may not bring rain on droughts, but it can heal the wounded epos and light the darkened eons.

Smile, you just forget to smile and not to react…. Everything will fall into its place if it is meant to fall, if not it will never. Understand this and the waves inside will never erode your positive conscience or else it will kill you every second, for every second you are a different person; because every second you are a renewed soul and that is dependent on who you chose to be, by how you wish to see.

Keep smiling, life’s just beautiful!!

Getting a lil creative to keep myself awake midst managing toilets in the
Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition – last day.
-Taken at 4pm in Ugyen Pelri palace, Paro, June 10, 2016


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