Prayer and Action


If you are going on a pilgrimage, because you want to go to heaven when you die and don’t want to help others live, then please don’t go. If you chant because you don’t want to work, then plz don’t chant. If you are practicing to generate compassion and don’t want to help others grow, then please don’t practice. If you want to pray but don’t want to help a broken-winged-bird to fly, then please don’t pray.

I feel you are doing it all wrong. If it’s of no help to yourself or the soul next to you now or later, then it’s all naive and total waste of time.

May be it’s time you review the course of your action or prayer.

Keep smiling and be positive, that’s the simplest and the best form of prayer if you are confused. Later when you have time, please explore about it more with positive conscience. It is supposed to go hand in hand together like earth and the sky.




  1. Che,
    Last year I met an high end individual here in Thimphu and I was awestruck with what she had done religiously. Number of many visits to Bodh Gaya…..rituals on a monthly basis at home….and donations for this and that….the list only goes on for her. Later in the parking lot, she showed her true color when she refused to pay Nu; 15/- for her car. Your update only reminded me of my facebook update sometime last year, "I have made these many visits to Bodh Gaya, I have offered these many to this shrine, I make my people visit this or that….blah…blah…blah…Give me a break! Deep down inside…everyone is selfish." And of course not everyone is selfish. Good read.


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