Ocean wont be an ocean with one less drop, – Part – 2


Tashi Lhamo and Pema Wangchuk
Minjey Middle Secondary School, Lhuntse, Eastern Bhutan
I was waiting for this day quite some time now and when it has finally come, I just cannot hold any longer to share this story with you all, my generous donors and all the people who have helped me make this happen, yet again. What is interesting about this project is, my donors they don’t even know about this and it might come as a huge surprise to them and yes, that was my intention: to surprise the donors as much as the recipients were, when they were called upon in front of all the students in the morning assembly, in Minjey Middle Secondary School, a couple of weeks ago.   
This is a story of two students, a girl and a boy studying in Minjey MSS, which is 12 km away from the main road that is again 27 km away from the main town under Minjey gewog, Lhuntshe, one of the remote schools in eastern Bhutan. Tashi is in first grade and Pema a fifth grader; they come from a very humble family. Tashi Lhamo is a daughter of a physically challenged mother who is also partially visually impaired. Pema Wangchuk’s parents divorced way before pertaining to his father’s bad drinking habit. They are both staying in the hostel after school administration has permitted them to stay which otherwise, only students above seventh grade are allowed.
I was on the process of seeking donations for Shataksha primary School to revamp their school toilets in March, when a teacher from Minjey School Sir Galey told me their story and if I am at all left with some leftover budget, then the students would be more than happy if I could buy them shoes, track suits, socks, blankets, books, buckets and a jug each. Since then, I was planning things accordingly to fit all in the budget and it did fit too. I bought all the above mentioned items from Thimphu and had them sent all the way to Minjey Middle Secondary School, which is 274km away from the capital. It took almost a week for the goods to be delivered although; the actual number of days it takes is just three.
Tashi and Pema were informed way before that a few goods are coming for them from Thimphu, but when it will reach them was kept a secret so as to surprise them. And finally when the goods reached the  school, the very next day Principal and lopen Gayley called upon Tashi Lhamo and Pema Wangchk in the morning assembly in front of all the students and handed over the parcel. I was not there to witness the scene and how I longed to be there but, from the pictures sir Gayley had sent me I could feel the emotions Tashi and Pema was going through at that particular juncture. That automatically moved me like some invisible wave of happiness has hit me. May be it was the power of shared-happiness I was feeling, which was just beautiful.
No matter how big or small donation is a donation and help is a help, if it at all came from a clean heart and helped folks who are a little less strong  or happy than you are. I have felt and learned the magic it can do when folks work together with positive energy. This collective positive energy can do wonders; give hope to souls and the will to live on. It makes world a beautiful home for you and I.
I, sincerely hope my generous donors will feel this magic wave of happiness too after reading my blog as much as the students, teachers and I have felt. It was all because of you all my dear donors and folks who helped me both physically and emotionally. Thank you all so much from the depth of my heart, it was all worth working for, because I saw the students smiling!!!!
Photo from top to bottom:
Sir Gayley and Principal with Tashi Lhamo and Pema Wangchuk posing for some photos, in the morning assembly, after parcels were distributed.
Sir  Gayley with Tashi Lhamo and Pema Wangchuk, wearing their new suits and shoes.
Tashi Lahmo and Pema Wangchuk in Minjey Middle Secondary School
 My donors, this is what I have bought and sent them!


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