The Enchanted Land of Tuva : A book review


Folks have tendency to say, “I do not like this place because I do not like her/him.” We also have the tendency to say, “I love that place because I got someone I love staying there etc.” But when we are busy relating the loveliness of a place to our likeliness of someone or something belonging or dwelling there, we sometimes forget it is the beauty, serenity and grace of the place that people dwelling there are kind, generous, pious and beautiful.

The Enchanted land of Tuva is one of such places in the world, where Mr. James M. Brady makes a very long and a lonely, but a very memorable journey, although it was a complete new place to him. He visited The Enchanted Land of Tuva not once, but numerous times, firstly to see his awaiting love only to return again and again because he falls in love with The Enchanted Land of the Tuva.

The Enchanted Land of Tuva is a very lovely book and how James M. Brady, the author of the book tells his true love story in words is really heart wrenching. A happy family man suddenly hit by an un-warned and an unexpected accident puts an end to the life of his love and leaves him with not only great emotional pain but also physical challenges……… But, his will power to get out and live life with a smile brings him Alima, with whom he falls in love head over heels. And she is coming from a very distant place called, “Tuva.”  ……………. …

How, when, where and what happens next??………….

To know this, you should read his book, “THE ENCHANTED LAND OF TUVA”


Besides his true love story there are 2 very unique things about this book, The Enchanted land of Tuva:


Although the author is an American and the book written there only, he says because he has got so much love and admiration to Bhutan and her Royal Family members and it is his respect for the Kings and the Country that inspired him to publish his maiden work in Bhutan. The Enchanted Land of Tuva was Published in Bhutan.


The proceeds from the books can be used for any good activities for students here in Bhutan.

If anyone of you wish to buy the book then kindly contact anyone of us at:

Ngawang Phuntsho            17641582
Passang Passu Tshering     17605030
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