Stop not to explore, be it outside or inside!


As I was sitting on a chair with a hot up of tea in my hand in one of the tea stalls across Norzin lam in Thimphu, on a rainy day with my cloths half drenched. I could not help wondering, “I  have neither money nor a car to go around the world, see new places, meet new people and make friends, learn about their culture, explore the deepest of the ocean and climb the highest of the mountains, try out worst to the best of the cuisines in the world, see earliest to midnight sun, experience the coldest of the place on the earth to the hottest, driest to wettest and nosiest to the calmest. I just want to go and see them, feel them and experience all those now, if it will help me open my eyes and heart, because I have TIME and I am ABLE.”

I was sipping on my hot cup of tea for the second time, when I caught myself saying, “One day, I may have or may not have, but just in case if I have acquired all the money or a car I need to go around and see the world. That time my hair would have all grown white, face covered in wrinkles and knees weak. Then I might say, ‘I have worked hard all this years to earn and make some money, so I can go around and see the world, but I am all weak and I dont have TIME I am doomed!'”

As I was sipping for the third time I heard something and this time it was the upper me talking to me, “Do you really need money to go around the world? To make new friends, to feel the world, to experience it. Do you really need a car to travel around the world?   Do you really want to waste time working to make money so you can explore later? Do you really think that is the only way or means? Do you really think that’s it?—————-

“If you think, ‘Yes,’ then better not travel around the world even if you had money or a car, its going to get yourself killed. You dont even know the meaning of traveling or exploring. ————–  There is no point exploring the world although you have money or a car, when you have not even been to the house on the other side of the village and haven’t seen the people living in it have got one of the most lovely life. There is no point traveling around the world and trying to open your eyes if you have not been to the village on the other side of the mountain that they havent had access to clean drinking for the past six months. There is no point trying to go across the border to see the world if you have not been to see your old ailing parents surviving by a breath in the same old home rotting in ruins back in your village. There is no point going around the world if you fail to look back and lend your helping hands of hope to those who have sacrificed their entire life to raise you and make you the very person you are now. Exploring the world will or might open your eyes and it will or might even open your heart, but the real inner eyes and real  inner heart  is opened by exploring the inside of you. Don’t explore the outside world without exploring the inside world first, its a complete waste of time, when you already dont have time.”

As I awoke myself from the daze, my tea was all cold and my cloths have drenched the whole chair. But, this time I caught myself smiling deeply like a fool laughing out loud on just nothing. I mean it, like a fool laughing simply at nothing.————— I tired to save the nasty little conversations I had with my crazy inside-me, but it seemed it was already saved in the niche of my heart because I could feel it grow a little heavy already.

Stop not to explore, be it outside or inside.

“Wherever you go take your heart with you.” ~~ Confucius


Lemon tea and I 🙂


  1. You contemplated so fast!!! 😀 That's a great one Che! Not only the writing, but also your realization, to listen to what your heart was saying, which many people failed doing it. And this what I mean by 'happiness is within' too! ^^ Have a wonderful day La! 🙂

  2. You know what, you should have simply gulped down the whole tea and none of these thoughts would have bothered you. Taking sip on sip was a bad bad decision. If only I could travel the whole wide world 🙂


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