Baby shower


People say, “Until you become a parent, you will never understand what it means to be a parent.” I have also heard people say, “Giving a birth alone doesn’t qualify one as a parent, but the upbringing of the infant soul with love, care and dedication.”

Now, I am not a parent as yet myself, however, I have seen my nieces and nephews grow right in front of my eyes and it has made me believe that upbringing of the baby with love, care and dedication actually gives her/him the confidence and hope to fight on, so she/he can really become whoever she/he aspires to be in her/his life.

I am cent percent sure you my friend Sonam Kelzang and Rinzin choden that you two will be the best parents and friends your baby daughter could ever possibly wish for. Please teach her to be a good human being. Teach her to share. Teach her to help. Teach her love. Teach her to survive. Also teach her that life is not a bed of roses . Teach her to be positive and above all plz teach her to keep smiling, cos life’s just beautiful.

Its my sincere wish and prayer that you two will be there through the good and the bad together always for her, and help her grow into whoever she aspires to be in her life…

A big congratulations and all the luck!!

Photo: With Doctor Sonam Kelzang and his 6 days old daughter.


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