What is the meaning of life?

Most of the lovers wish and pray their love bring them to matrimony without any hindrance, and have beautiful healthy babies. They dream of seeing babies crawl, toddle and long to hear them say, “Mama.”  When finally their prayer is answered, they are gifted with a boy and a girl, the most priced gift they could ever expect.  Out of courtesy they thank heaven and everyone who helped them make it possible.  A small family, a happy family.
This is what every one of us dreams of too. And better than anyone else, if our temples, monasteries and stupas ever had speech, they would tell us of enough lovers or couples both young and old coming to them begging to grant a boy or a girl in the second.
Let’s say heaven has heard your prayers and you are gifted with two beautiful siblings a boy and a girl. Over the years you have watched them crawl, toddle, tumble, jibber jabber, babble and doodle. Finally when she/he is of age to get into a school she falls sick seriously and collapses right in front of your eyes, only to be woken up in the hospital with a doctor handing you a greenish paper with the diagnose  written on it ,”LEUKEMIA.”—- What would you do then? How would you react? Who would you turn to when you come from a very humble family? Would you turn to god, family, relatives and friends?
If it happened to me, then I would turn to anyone, everything and anything in my despair if I can at all save my son or daughter from the clutch of the deadly disease.  Because, I know it’s out of my hand and I need everyone’s help, and because I believe in the humanity. So, I will not be ashamed or hesitant to seek help from anyone who wishes to help me.
Sad, but true;  there is a real time story of a five years old, son of a farmer from one of the remotest village  in the  country who has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. His uncle Mr. Ugyen Tshering a civil servant currently working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, is desperately doing everything within his capacity to raise fund and send his five years old nephew on a treatment to Kolkata in India, as soon as possible.  He has been doing this for quite some time now and he said there has been numerous support and love shown to him by so many people in and around.
However, he is running short and still needs some help from everyone.  So, he contacted me if I could write a blog on his behalf and seek some donations from all the generous donors. To which I promptly agreed to do it, not because I have money or fame or power. Because I had my own father clutched by the hands of this deadly disease called, “Cancer” for the past 9 months. I exactly know the pain, the trauma and the anxiety it brings to the family let alone the patient.  I must also say, by the positive energy of the universe, love and prayers of the family, relatives, friends and all the well wishers;  that my apa has finally recovered from cancer and he is just learning to walk again.
We can do the same and save the life of this little son. All he and his family need at this very hour is our love, prayers and help. We are currently looking Nu. 50,000 of which Mr. Ugyen could raise about Nu. 10,000 so far. For the remaining I look forward to your generous donations, with all my heart. 
Therefore, I on behalf of the patient, his family and his uncle Mr. Ugyen Tshering, turn  to you all now with the utmost hope that you all will help me help Mr. Ugyen help the boy’s parents send their son for the treatment at the earliest and save his life.
This is the meaning of life!!!!!
Following is the story Mr. Ugyen Tshering has posted on his Facebook page of his nephew. Reproducing here for your reference with his permission. Pictures from Mr. Ugyen.
Kinley Sangay was born the eldest of the two siblings to Pema Choitse and Dorji Wangmo, both farmers in Lamthang under Goshing gewog in Zhemgang. Although, born to a destitute family, but was raised with all their love and affections. 

His health problem, a swelling in his abdomen due to enlargement of liver and spleen started few years ago. He was taken to the nearest Basic Health Unit and the swelling subsided but only to reappear again. When the problem persisted, he was referred to Panbang health centre, which referred him further to Gelephu regional Hospital. It was there that the acute Leukemia was suspected and hence was referred on same day to JDWNRH. 

Last couple of days, multiple test was conducted to confirm. Test proved the most feared and came positive of the Acute Leukemia. 

The referral procedures to Kolkata is underway, papers are being prepared. JDWNRH committee discussed the case on urgent basis and was approved today.
Family sell cow for their son’s cancer treatment

A thousand is like a million for them. For a parent for whom Thimphu is like a New York, having to take their son to cancer hospital at Kolkata is like going to Mars. And the expenses that will incur is the amount they have not even dreamt.
A farmer family, with no source of income, they live a life worrying the two meals, decent clothes and a roof over their head. Never in their wildest dream, had they imagined their only son would be diagnosed with such a fatal disease.

Yet in their desperate efforts, clinging on the small flicker of hope, the family sold a jersey cow, that too a lactating one, to fund the chemo treatment of their son. 

“It gives us lot of milk but cow can be raised again but not my loving son,” said the father. 
The cow fetched them Nu. 30,000 but only half in cash. That amount may not last few days of some six or more weeks they have to spend in India. They may have to sell more cows, pigs and even land.
Kinley Sangay, 5 years old, diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, in Thimphu Hospital




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