Life’s wonderful


“Do not hate your life, some people dream for a life like yours.” ~ Unknown

Dedicated to all those young people who end their life just too soon.

It’s very sad but true its becoming a new disease in Thimphu thats affecting everyone. Thimphu is a place of opportunity, a place of love, a place of hope, a place of friends, a place of family and a place of harmony.

It’s our responsibility to treat every soul as a soul and to display a warm friendly attitude to all, that’s the least we can do. Not only shower your closed ones with beer in a trance and spatter evil eyes to those who seem to have a little bit more fun than you. Regard as a low class to those who seem to wear a little cheap cloths than you wear and think yourself as a powerful when you dont stop on zebra crossing to let pedestrians pass, and consider her/him an addict with heavy eyes.

What’s happening to us? Why are we becoming so cold to one another? Why are we becoming so selfish?

Perhaps in pursuit of westernization we are actually losing our very own Bhutanese essence: the simple life, the friendly life, the loving life and the caring life. Perhaps those who met with untimely and unexpectedly demise could have really longed for this simple yet,  true and profound Bhutanese essence, when you were busy chasing the latest mobile, latest jeans, latest shades, latest perfumes and latest clubs.

You and me really need to hold for awhile, ponder on our true old essence and learn to ask, “How are you?” To the stranger next to you, cos she/he could be feeling-low-lonely stranger who desperately awaits your earliest warm and friendly, “How are you?” approach to be friends.

It doesn’t  cost much,  but could save a young life!!!!!!!!!

P.S.  I found this writing in my old diary dated 31 October 2013



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