World Toilet day : Toilets and Jobs

November 19th is World Toilet Day. To observe the day, last year we Bhutan Toilet Org. raised 300 plus volunteers throughout the country and cleaned more than 50 Public Toilets in 20 dzongkhags, and gifted the society with clean public toilets.
This year to mark the day, BTO in collaboration with Dr. Toilet we are cleaning 100 plus toilets of JDWNRH, Thimphu (Thimphu Hospital). And it will be done with the help of 49 student volunteers from RIHS, Thimphu and some 20 other volunteers. Now with just a day and half left for the big day, we are all getting ready and preparation is going in full swing.
However, we are worried the day is going to be a little heavy for the volunteers and we dont have any budget to provide our volunteers with a decent refreshment.
Therefore, I turn to you all for your generous support to either sponsor or donate in your capacity to make a total of Nu. 6000/-, so we can buy and offer the volunteers with a decent refreshment.
Wishing you all a happy WORLD TOILET DAY in advance.
Thanking you!

Photo: Thimphu Hospital, source Google



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