My way of family quality time


Take out some time with your parents and family once in a while. If you aspire to have some quality family time, then get out of cellular networks and phones completely. You might realize you have been so distracted to the point, where you have failed to see your parents hair grown all and faces covered in wrinkles. Each day they would have been yearning for your company and to have some tea with you over a long lovely conversation.

I have tried this last couple of weeks, with my recovering apa and eldest brother (seeing after a long time). Just 3 of us in the village. Waking up at 6am cutting tall grasses, eating under the huge tree. Sleeping at 7pm only to get up and write a long blog. It was just lovely.

You should try this some times. Although it may not work out for some of you, but there is no harm in trying, if it can bring you and your family together. Happiness is seeing your old parents smiling!!
Sunset in Umling, Gelephu
The Milarepa temple, with my apa, ata, adopted elder sister and myself
My apa with the lovely sunset as the backdrop


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