We were in Laya (Part – 11): Gasa to Thimphu

I woke up early to do some final candid shots. Everyone was sleeping like a baby curled up as though suckling on her tiny soft thumb. Tired to bones, I could feel their fatigue. Dorji got out of the bed smiling innocently, as if he had broken some eggs the other night. “How are you feeling today, still sick?” I whispered to him slowly for I didn’t want to wake the others. “I was tripping on doma yesterday. Goodness I will never eat doma again!” “Hahahaha,” Dorji made laugh alike fool. He was rather timid. I laughed again, but minding not to disturb other folks.

Tired and crashed like logs
Can you spot yourself?
Let the curtains be there
I know them
Everyone was up quite late, that was the plan too. Ate our breakfast, cleaned everything and made my friend’s quarter so clean that he might have gotten a mini heart seizure when he entered home after we left; that was also the plan. Today we could see specks of Dochula at the far end, the sun was shining bright. We left Gasa.
Gasa dzong

Past Gasa Dzong till Lingshi Chu bridge, thin and tall plants grew thick on the either sides of the road. Geographically it will have a different story, but ata Singye has his own story. I couldn’t wait to hear him say and he began, “It is what I have heard from my parents and other old folks. The story goes like this, once upon a time Rhododendron secretly fell in love with this thin and tall plant. One day gathering all her guts, she went to him and poured out her feelings. But, this plant too handsome to accept her proposal rejected her saying, ‘I don’t want short and a fat girl. I also don’t want whose skin is coming off every now and then!’ Poor Rhododendron was dejected but didn’t hate him. She faced the truth and kept on being positive, years rolled by. Some years later that thin and tall handsome plant was going around when he suddenly saw Rhododendron in full bloom, wow, so lovely flowers, sweet scents, how elegantly she is dancing in the brie, ‘ I love you beautiful Rhododendron, will you marry?’ Rhododendron said sorry. He was so dejected, he lost his mind that he went to the cliff and jumped off to commit suicide. See, that’s why you will find this thin and tall plant growing all over on the face of steep places.”
The protagonist of ata Singye’s story
“That was a lovely story, never to say any unkind words to anyone, even to those weak or less fortunate folks than you are. It is just a matter of time. Whoever created this story was a wise soul.” I thought to myself.
Menda and the guitar
Lunch time
Lunch was served in Khuruthang and continued our ride…. We the pickup truck guys were last to reach the Walnut Tree. All our folks were there. We congratulated ourselves on a successful and a memorial trek to and fro Laya. Yet, again it was another great time for a lovely tea and sandwiches underneath the Walnut Tree, as always ashim had it all set. Then we bade so long to all our trekking mates.
PK Cafe underneath the Walnut tree, Dorji Elements
Place where we met first and the last
Looking forward to seeing all the folks in the near future underneath the
Walnut tree
I called my friend to come and pick me up, he got a car. After ten minutes, I saw no car but three six foot tall ponies. My three friends thought I would still be in a mood to trek in Thimphu town with all my rug sack and sleeping bags….. But, they carried and I walked about a hundred meters. They had the car; it was a bad joke. 


That night when I got home it drizzled a little. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes or were they just rain droplets? Could be, but, one thing I have really learnt and felt deep inside from this whole trekking experience is: one develop so much sense of belonging and togetherness with one another  within a few hours of togetherness in hardship, no matter how stranger you are; than years of togetherness in an easy sail! 



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