We were in Laya (Part – 12): Our crew

My trekking mates from left.

Front row: Sangay Khandu, Jigme fatty, ata Singye, Menda,
ashim Ching Ching, Sonam Dolma, Gem Tshering

Hind row: Acho Penjor Gyeltshen, ashim Sither Lhamo,
ata Dorji, ashim Chimi Zangmo, acho Karma T. Dorji,
Dr. Tenzin, Dorji, Aue PaSsu, Parasite

In this blog post I would like to  introduce my trekking mates to all the readers across the world, who made this entire trekking just amazing and worthwhile—-and who also inspired me to write this very long blog. If time permits and if everything goes as per my plan, I am even planning of converting this long blog into a book. Its not at all sure as of now, but, just hoping for the best and being positive: I have already written 11,000 words why not add some and make it 30 to 40,000 words or even more and publish a book? My wild thoughts though. Anyways my crew are:


  1. Acho Karma T. Dorji (Team Leader)
  2. Ashim Chimi Zangmo
  3. Menda
  4. Ashim Ching Ching
  5. Ashim Sither Lhamo
  6. Aue PaSsu
  7. Ata Dorji
  8. Dr. Tenzin
  9. Acho Penjor
  10. Sangay Khandu
  11. Gem Tshering
  12. Sonam Dolma
  13. Tashi Choden and her sis
  14. Dorji Phuntsho
  15. Jigme
  16. Singye
  17. Che Dorji 

Thank you all the folks, it was such a wonderful experience trekking with you all through thick and thin. I had a wonderful time. I am looking forward to so many wonderful trekking with you all in the near future.

Thank you all the readers and I hope my long blog kept you all alive and reading till the end? Always keep reading and keep smiling. Be happy. Until next time this a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!



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