Water, water, everywhere. So, I let it flow?


We look forward to weekends wholeheartedly, primarily to shed off the fatigue of the week then sit back and relax, and also to have some quality family time. On weekends, some plan to go out for some dry picnics or hikes or movies or visit relatives and friends. But, most of the folks end up home itself to do laundry and chores, cancelling every plan of the weekend.

You wake up quite late, since it is weekend. Gathering all your cloths dumps them into a washing machine and to your disaster, there is no water!. “I should have planned for a hike or movies or go and visit my relatives and friends or do this or that, rather than wasting time being home doing nothing. Had I knew there is not going to be water on the weekend?” You frustratingly regret and felt the pinch of water shortage in the vicinity. You are not giving up that easily. Calls up a friend, retrieves everything from the washing machine, puts them in a bag and you zoom off.

But, once you are there, you dont mind keeping the tap on when not in use. Just to wash a pair of Lagay you need a bucketful of water. How much water you are going to need to wash your inner wear and shorts? That I dont know. And as a compliment, besides laundry you take shower too, like there is a river flowing through perforated nozzle. Oh, brushing your teeth looking at the mirror and leaving the tap on is your habit, I wonder how it pleases your ear? And you are not yet done.

In a place like Thimphu where sun light is ample and the humidity is low especially during winter, it is quite easy for cloths to dry. We dont even have to spin and waste energy. After letting them drip for a while, we can directly hang in the veranda. That much we can do to save energy, when  by the virtue of having ample sunshine and also it is almost our practice whereby we dry our cloths outside in a very natural way. Unlike in some other countries whose cloths never get to see the light of the sun: on, during and post laundry, until dried and worn. It is all done inside.

In the middle of everything, light goes out. You are half done!

Until you turn the tap off when not in use, you have actually not felt the pinch of water shortage. You have not learnt anything about it, and you are most likely going to do the same thing next weekend also. Till you come to an understanding with yourself, “Yes, there is water shortage, not only at home but through out the globe.” You will do the same, whenever and wherever you do laundry or chores. It all starts with an unattended attitude.

Both the problem and the solution begins from home. It just a matter of turning the tap on or off, when not in use.

Are you still with this old mindset, “Water, water everywhere. So, I let it flow?”

A young girl drinking from a tap.
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