Support for ANA by KARMA (Empowering women and promoting Bhutanese Weavers)

ANA by KARMA is a venture that helps in fulfilling Bhutanese weavers’ dream to step up as small business, using their own talent and creativity in the heritage art of weaving. Weavers, who are mostly women, villagers, illiterate and struggling to make ends meet without a proper job; weave scarves and sell them worldwide with the help of Quin Thong ( ), an accountant from Hongkong, who also came up with an idea and founded ANA by KARMA. The decent money they earn through weaving and selling scarves, it helps in supporting their family, and to start also small home based business.
ANA by KARMA is currently applying for a grant from FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Hongkong SAR, where Top-10 Shortlisting for the grant will be done based on the highest numbers of votes acquired through Facebook.
Therefore, kindly follow the link  to vote and show your support. Please share the link with people around the world. Your vote and support empowers women in the country!
After voting once you can re-vote after 24 hours. The voting is on from 16thMarch to 3rd May 2017.


Thanking you for your support!
An ANA readying to weave a scarf
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page
Ocean Blue Scarf
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page

There is a reason why we always use a tall
standing mannequin to represent ANA by KARMA as a visual brand image.
At fairs. At retail shops. All our Bhutanese weavers stand tall,
proud to showcase their rainbow colour weavings
– testimony of their talent in heritage weaving.
We are not looking for free handouts, we do not request for donations,
we want to stand tall and earn our own. — Quin Sq
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page


A model trying out ANA by KARMA’s scarf
Photo courtesy : ANA by KARMA Facebook page



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