Mid night Prayer – Sleeping amongst the stardust


Through what one might have not to tread,
All for a sound sleep at the end of the day.

Blessed you are, if with an ease twinkle amongst the stars.
Floating in the clouds beneath you see your home.
A ‘ many ‘ day’s toil rob the beauty of the moon,
Soul moan deep into the cold night, tug of war all within you.
At the dawn you were shivering in the toils of yesterdays.
An icy blade of uncertainty struck in the heart.
About the first rays of the sun,
you are sleeping amongst the stardust.
Be gentle and kind to the universe and yourself alike.
You deserve it too. 

Oh, my, oh, love yourself and learn to smile too. 
It’s not time that is less , but you and I.
Keep smiling. . Life’s just beautiful


Pic from Google



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